Steve BLaque is an enigma, at once a division of, and the public face of Darktrunk Enterprises, a Beijing based multi-national whose stated aim is the global domination of the stockfeed industry.

Darktrunk’s approach to business is somewhat unusual, rarely predictable, yet, undeniably entertaining. The cornerstone of their strategy is the domination of the Beijing independent music scene through the songs and music of BLaque, currently Bejing’s number one Indie Rock Artist.

Whilst not party to plans of global domination and with no insights into their stockfeed operations,  Next has been instrumental in developing the strategic rollout of  BRand BLaque, along the way developing a visual language, tone of voice and language that that resonates with his audience, whilst confronting the social norms of life in one of the world’s most unique metropolis, China’s national capital, Beijing.

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere in C21.